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winget - Windows Package Manager

Description: Windows Package Manager is a comprehensive package manager solution that consists of a command-line tool and set of services for installing applications on Windows 10 and Windows 11.
Interface: CLI (also a GUI at WingetUI)
Functions: Third-Party Application Package Installer, Built-in to future versions of Windows
Platforms: Windows x86 x64
Commentary: A package manager built-in to Windows of murky origins. The Repository of packages. The tool is a winner. Some caveats: Apparently it will not run as SYSTEM (so for RMM use this is problematic) and it doesn't have Powershell native support.
Usage Examples: 
1. Install Acrobat Reader Elevated: powershell Start-Process "winget install -e --id Adobe.Acrobat.Reader.64-bit" -Verb runAs
2. Check what can be upgraded: winget upgrade
3. Upgrade all available: winget upgrade --all
4. Export list of installed apps: winget export -o "File location"
5. Install the previously exported list: winget import -i "File location"