Quick CPU

Description: Quick CPU is a program that was designed to fine-tune and monitor important CPU and System parameters such as CPU Temperature (Package and Core Temp), CPU Performance, Power, Voltage, Current, Core Parking, Frequency Scaling, System Memory, Turbo Boost, C-States, Speed Shift FIVR Control as well as making other adjustments.
Interface: Windows GUI
License: Open Source
Functions: CPU, Memory, Hardware info, Monitoring
Platforms: Windows x32 x64
Commentary: Dense interface, the ability to adjust clock settings.
Usage Example: Install, run the tool



Query Tool (using ADO)

Description: Query Tool (using ADO) is a Universal Data Access (UDA) tool. It lets you query OLE DB data sources, author SQL scripts and queries, execute multiple SQL scripts or stored procedures simultaneously, return query results to a grid or free-form text, export results in Excel, XML, and HTML formats, retrieve OLE DB provider properties, and more.
Interface: Windows GUI
License: Free for personal use
Functions: Database development and query tool
Platforms: Windows x86, x64
Commentary: Useful for getting at data. The author also offers a pain ODBC query tool.
Usage Example: Run the tool, and connect to a database.