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Hi, thanks for checking this small project out.

This tool grew out of the frustration of trying to find a particular tool online when search engines don't understand what I want to know about tools. Today, there are too many tools that hide their true usefulness behind aging, register-walls and other challenges. I endeavour to answer some very basic questions about the important tools and utilities that we use every day. The main focus is on utilities that are free or open-source and useful though paid tools are also good.

1. Why use them?
2. What are the core uses of the utility?
3. Where to find the tool's source.
4. What does it look like?
5. Expose any other valuable details about the tool.

If you're looking for something specific, search above.

To browse the growing list of tools (alphabetical, by name), click here.

I need help with this. If you're interested in helping me build this project, please contact me.

Note: This is not meant to replace or replicate the amazing Awesome-Selfhosted or the OSS Database. If you're looking for a self-hosted tool, please check them out. That great work has inspired what I do here.

Disclaimer: Treat every file you download as suspicious. Always test them in a virus scanner, run them in a virtual machine, and test their suitability for your needs. There are no guarantees that anything you find here or elsewhere is safe.